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Thank you Sarah
20 Mar 2014

Hi Sarah, thought I'd like to share my testimony of the oil blend for Jireh (2 years old) . When we came by that day Jireh stopped having fever already but we still put the oil on him at night. He recovered but I passed it back to him a week later. He had a sneezing bout and runny nose. His temperature hovered at 37.1/37.3 for the day. Usually is 36.4. That night he went up to 37.7 and as it was just before bed time, I contemplated fever medicine. Then I remember that we had the oil. My husband put it for him and within less than 1/2hr it went dwn to 37.1/37.3. No fever at all thereafter! Praise God because usually it will only go higher n higher as his fevers usually spike in the night ! Thank you very much sister Sarah for your blessed oils for us! (So glad I listened to my husband to go to you and for your recommendation! Thank God that we came to you instead! :D

Connie Lei
18 Nov 2013

Hi Sarah,

Is my sincere compliments to your great services. Thru all these years of visiting so many beauty facial saloons for my eyelashes extension, i never come across you (Ms Sarah) from Solomon Skincare had done so perfect eye lashes extension that my personal experience by people whenever they saw me, they will comment saying "Wow! you got very nice long eyelashes!" See it so natural!

This has proven that Sarah had done it so naturally that nobody realise that it is actually extension lashes haha...

Beside that, my skin is so well taken care by Sarah that is so smooth, firm & fair cos she uses all natural products and strictly no chemical on my face at all times! What make me double confirmed that her Lumphatic Facial Treatment drainage from her professional care for detoxing that make my face and body healthy thru all these years rendered!

Last but not least...Sarah ,i congrats you for your success in giving all customers thru your efforts and GREAT LOVE whoever visit your beauty services.

Come and experience Sarah and you will believe in what had compliemented...:)

Thank you so much Sarah! Appreciate....:)

Best regards
Connie Lei

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