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Therapeutic Clay

At the heart of the premium ingredients we use in our bespoke formulations at Solomon Holistic Skin Care are Calcium Montmorillonite (pronounced MONT- mer – RI- ler – NIGHT) healing clays, which have been carefully sourced and custom-blended with your health, healing and well-being in mind.

Documented Use of Healing Clays

The use of healing clays to pre-empt and treat a wide range of ailments through the ages is well-documented. The ancient Egyptians, for instance, valued and harnessed the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of clay. Many doctors of antiquity, such as the Greek Dioscorides, the Arab Avicenna, the Roman Pliny the Elder and the Greek Galen all testified to the healing powers of clay.

Internal use of clay

As part of a sound, holistic, health regime, healing clays support the immune system, especially when it has been compromised. They work in tandem with the immune system to increase the body’s resistance to disease. When ingested, healing clays have benefited conditions related to chronic fatigue syndrome, anaemia, gum disease, migraine, acid reflux/heartburn, allergies/hay fever, colitis, diarrhoea/dysentery, diabetes, diverticulitis, toxins from second-hand tobacco smoke, alcoholism, cataracts, food poisoning, nausea, Crohn’s disease, wounds, menstrual cramps, osteoporosis, arthritis, stomach ache, irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhoids, toothache, ulcers, heavy metal poisoning, radiation (e.g. from excessive use of mobile phones, wireless Internet access and other wireless devices) and chemotherapy. In the words of an article published by a Canadian news service:

“Ordinary clay can kill the drug-resistant superbug, MRSA -- methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus -- and other lethal infections, and is being investigated as a potential tool in treating patients. “Healing" clays have been known for years to soak up toxins produced by bacteria, which can limit the spread of infection. But now, research at Arizona State University shows some forms of clay actually kill salmonella, E. coli, MRSA and ulcerans, which causes flesh-eating disease. If they can figure out how it works, this could make a cheap, low-tech weapon against infection available throughout the Third World."

(Canwest News Service, 2008)

In his studies of primitive races of the Andes and Central Africa and the Aborigines of Australia, dentist Dr Weston A. Price (1870-1948) observed that they had a practice of dissolving a small amount of clay in water and then dipping their food in it before consumption as a preventive measure against dysentery. During the First World War, both Russian and French soldiers were issued clay as part of their rations to prevent and combat diarrhoea.

Animals instinctively eat clay or roll around in it to obtain relief from their injuries. Many herbivorous animals will eat clay after ingesting plants loaded with naturally occurring toxins. In his 40-year career as a practising veterinarian, Dr Al Plechner, DVM (b. 1938) found that giving clay to breeding animals not only improves fertility but also the viability of their young.

External use of clay

Clay is also used as topical applications in the form of clay compresses or poultices to treat conditions such as scars, eczema, acne, rashes, sunburn/ burns, oedema, warts, yeast, fungus, skin irritation arising from contact with poison ivy, cold sores, canker sores, shingles, cuts, boils, and staphylococcus around fingernails. The external application of clay has also been used to treat severe bacterial infections, wounds, arthritis, bone and muscle damage, sprain, chronic headaches, eye strain, bruises and radiation-related issues, among other conditions.

When left in contact with the skin for extended periods of time, clay will bind with many of the viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxins associated with these conditions and carry them away as the clay is washed off. Clay baths are also enjoyed for their therapeutic effect.

The homeostasis of clay stimulates tissue regeneration, making certain types of clay eminently suitable for use in skin care products. For this reason and more, Calcium Montmorillonite healing clays are used as key ingredients in cutting edge, efficacious, skin care solutions in Europe. Solomon Holistic Skin Care is pleased to be the first in Singapore to harness the healing powers of Calcium Montmorillonite to heal and benefit your skin.

Properties and Benefits of Calcium Montmorillonite

Calcium Montmorillonite is a naturally occurring mineral compound from the Smectite group of clays that exists well beneath the earth’s surface, untouched by contamination. It is formed by volcanic and tectonic plate activity and a slow deposition and dehydration process over eons of earth processes. First identified in Montmorillon, France in the 1800s, this amazing compound is deposited in pure form in only a few places in the world.

Because of their inherent healing properties, healing clays have long been recognized as a subject worthy of study. It is included as such, in many educational institutions today, in courses such as pharmacology, herbology, and nutrition. Calcium Montmorillonite is currently being utilized in hospitals outside the United States where its effectiveness has been proven. It has also been receiving significant recognition by the health care community, as a proven but much overlooked natural alternative remedy in the prevention and cure of disease.

Calcium Montmorillonite is a nutrient, detoxifying agent, and bactericide and fungicide par excellence.


This versatile, all-natural, edible clay has been tried, tested and studied as a dietary supplement for over 100 years, and contains no fewer than 57 minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese and silica, making it an ideal nutrient for remineralizing the body. Calcium Montmorillonite restores minerals in the tissues where they are needed. This is enormously beneficial since minerals enable hormones, vitamins and enzymes to function properly.

One key, NASA-sponsored, research study on Calcium Montmorillonite led by Dr. Benjamin H. Ershoff in 1964 was prompted by evidence that astronauts' bodies lose large amounts of calcium under conditions of weightlessness. Such conditions weaken the body and increase the chances of kidney stones developing during manned missions. Dr Ershoff found that supplementing the diet with calcium alone could not reverse the severe damage of severely accelerated osteoporosis - but clay did, for animals. According to Dr Ershoff, Terramin®, a proprietary name of premium red Calcium Montmorillonite clay, produced impressive results in promoting growth and preventing disorders in the bones of tested animals. When a small percentage of Terramin® was added to the diet, the animals' body weight increased and bone diseases were prevented. Little benefit was noted, he said, when calcium alone was added. "This means that the clay supplement contained some factor or factors other than calcium which promoted improved calcium utilization and bone formation," he explained. Dr Ershoff concluded that Terramin® was the most effective mineral supplement to prevent pathologic changes in the bones. He also added that the consumption of clay has been observed among many peoples and animals for centuries, especially in areas where there is a marked deficiency of calcium, iron and other minerals in the diet.

Detoxifying Agent

The superlative ability of Calcium Montmorillonite to detoxify is due to its negative ionic charge, which draws positively charged toxins like a magnet. When Calcium Montmorillonite is ingested, toxins are first bonded to the edges of the mineral particles before both toxins and clay are safely eliminated by the body, in a process known as adsorption. Calcium Montmorillonite may also act as a sponge to draw toxins into its structure through a process of absorption. In both processes, the end result is that toxins are safely expelled from the body. Toxins from remnants of pesticides in the food we consume and for some people, second-hand tobacco smoke through passive smoking, may be eliminated or reduced by these processes. When applied to the skin, negatively charged Calcium Montmorillonite draws positively charged impurities to it, before both clay and impurities are removed.

Bactericide and Fungicide

Calcium Montmorillonite is also a bactericide and fungicide extraordinaire. Its ultra-fine particles, which are smaller than many bacteria, surround bacteria to either kill them or render them harmless by blocking their ability to obtain nourishment from the body. For this reason, Calcium Montmorillonite has been called a “Living Clay”. Acne conditions and fungal infection of the nail, among other skin conditions, will benefit enormously from our Calcium Montmorillonite-based formulations.

Calcium Montmorillonite used in Solomon Holistic Skin Care

The Calcium Montmorillonite used in our cutting edge formulations are ION-MIN® and Terramin®, both proprietary names for premium red Calcium Montmorillonite, and premium green Amargosian Therapeutic Clay®.

ION-MIN® and Terramin® are mined in Southern California near Arizona in an area known as the Colorado Desert, which is originally the Colorado River Delta. The clays have been preserved many feet underground in a hot, dry, desert, protected from man's footprint. Because the minerals originated from the pristine, nutrient-rich, Colorado mountains, the mineral compounds contain a bounty of colloidal minerals in balanced proportions. ION-MIN® has been mined for over 65 years at the same location. Terramin® is the same clay approved for use as a mineral supplement for NASA astronauts on manned space programs. ION-MIN® and Terramin® are milled to 450 mesh. The ultra-fine particle size of these clays supports their adsorptive (to bind toxins to the edges of the clay particles) and absorptive (to absorb the toxins into the clay structure) properties.

Premium green Amargosian Therapeutic Clay® is mined in another pristine location near Death Valley National Park, in the Mojave Desert, California. This magnesium and trace mineral-rich, volcanic-origin smectite clay is one of the most celebrated, most valued therapeutic grade clays in natural medicine. It is not chemically processed or heat treated in any way, but is completely natural, sun dried and extremely clean. Extremely alkaline with a pH of between 9.5 - 10.0, it possesses university tested and time-proven antimicrobial properties, specifically with regard to pathogenic organisms. It is one of the few alkaline clays in the world to have direct antimicrobial properties. It is milled to an ultra-fine 325 mesh to support its adsorptive (to bind toxins to the edges of the clay particles) and absorptive (to absorb the toxins into the clay structure) work.

Solomon Holistic Skin Care intentionally harnesses the ancient wisdom of using healing clays by making them the key ingredients in our truly cutting edge, bespoke formulations blended with your skin type and skin condition in mind. We understand and advocate the informed use of these health promoting clays as part of a sound, holistic, health care regime. We fastidiously avoid the use of chemicals in our formulations as a matter of principle. Our natural and organic Therapeutic Facial Treatments with Aromatherapy and our New Wine Skin line of products are created with the systemic function of skin tissue in mind, and designed to heal, rejuvenate and benefit your skin.

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